ALLIANCE 4 GRASSROOTS DEMOCRACY Transforming 2024 on the Ground


In the lead-up to the 2024 election, a national campaign must arise to protect our democracy.


X  Hand-marked digitally-scanned paper ballots must be made universally available.  Scanners must be standardized, with transparent source coding and standardized auditing procedures.

X  Paper ballots will be mailed to all eligible voters.  Ballots returnable by mail, widely available drop boxes, &/or in person or by family members or authorized agents at easily accessible election centers.

X  No photo ID or other potentially discriminatory requirements for ballots.

X  No mass challenges allowed against duly registered voters.

X  Ex-felons are eligible to vote.  

X  The Voting Rights Act must be re-instated.  

X  Allow same day voter registration, and registration at schools, Motor Vehicle agencies, social security offices, etc.

X  30 days of early voting, including Saturdays, Sunday & holidays (except Thanksgiving).

X  Folding chairs, porta-potties, food & water, protective cover against bad weather must be provided at precincts where long lines accumulate and waits exceed fifteen minutes.  

X  Citizens United must be repealed.  

X  No corporate contributions to partisan campaigns or parties, with PACs disallowed.  

X  Strict limits on personal contributions to partisan campaigns.

X  Move money donated to progressive candidates away from media advertising, toward grassroots relational campaigning.

X  No weapons allowed within a half-mile of any polling station.

X  Gerrymandering must be abolished;  Congressional and state legislative districts must be drawn by non-partisan commissions, with California as a model.

X  Statewide referenda shall be made legal and binding in all states, to be decided by simple majority. 

X  Institute rank choice voting wherever possible.

X.  Lower the voting age to 16. 

X  Abolish the Electoral College

X  Assign trained werewolves to patrol polling stations where vampires have been sighted.