Inaugural Convening Of The “National Progressive Action Coalition” Zoom Call

Dear Progressives/Friend,
You are receiving this letter because you have been formally invited to join the inaugural convening of the
National Progressive Action Committee (NPAC), an all-inclusive, intergenerational, diverse, and
multi-cultural “beloved community” with the goal of curating a space for people to find their individual
and shared power.
By uniting progressive organizations and leaders throughout all 50 states and all 435 Congressional
Districts under one umbrella we are able to build the “critical mass” needed to pass progressive legislation
on the federal, state, and local level. NPAC will focus on galvanizing cross-sector support, developing
progressive policy, and halting harmful legislation.
We want you to join us at our inaugural meeting Thursday, February 10th at 4pm CST.
If you are on PST that will be 2pm, 3pm for MST, and if you are on EST that will be 5pm.
By working both “inside and outside” of Congress, state/local government, and other institutions, NPAC
will use diverse nonviolent tactics and effective, peaceful, grassroots organizing as a means to achieve
liberty and justice for all.
What does “liberty and justice for all” look like through the NPAC lens?
● Economic and social justice for all;
● a safe, sustainable, and clean environment;
● ending racial injustice and systemic racism;
● defending democracy and the right to vote;
● and peaceful resistance to violence in all of it’s forms including authoritarianism, and intimidation
from powerful special interests.
With our collective power we will hold politicians accountable to the needs of the people, and work to
elect progressive officials.
If after reviewing this information you are interested in becoming a Coalition Member, please join us
with the following meeting information at the end of this email. If you have additional questions, please
contact NPAC National Coordinator Drew Glover at
With deep appreciation and respect,
Drew Glover – National Coordinator
Dolores Huerta – Senior Advisor, Legendary Organizer, UFW
Christian Nunes – NPAC Co-Chair, President of NOW
Christopher “Tatanka” Bricca – NPAC Co-Chair
Rev. Rodney Sadler – National Interfaith Leader
Rudy Arredondo – Honorary Chair
Joel Segal – Senior Policy Advisor
Zoom Meeting Information
Topic: NPAC Steering Committee Inaugural Meeting
Time: Feb 10, 2022 04:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 859 2725 1435
Passcode: 815416
NPAC Supports The Following Progressive Agenda (this is a non-exhaustive list):
● Rapid transition to 100% clean renewable energy to address climate change for the U.S. and the global community, full funding for “climate adaptation/resilience” in the U.S. and around the world.
● Universal health care such as Expanded & Improved Medicare For All; or expanding public health
insurance to all of the uninsured now.
Protection and respect for First Nations people
Truth and Reconciliation
● Quality, safe, and decent affordable housing for all as a fundamental and guaranteed human and civil right
● Ending homelessness and poverty in the U.S. and globally with all deliberate speed; creating true upward mobility and economic opportunity, and a robust guaranteed economic safety net for all people who are unemployed, sick, semi skilled, or elderly.
● Jobs and job training for all at a maximum wage, zero unemployment for all who want and need
● Universal access to affordable community college or university/Student Loan Forgiveness
● Ending hunger, healthy and nutritious food for all
● Universal access to high quality child care and preschool
● World Class public schools that include a multi-cultural education curriculum that accurately
● teaches history, especially the history of marginalized and oppressed ethnic communities
● Universal access to broadband
● A 21st Century Marshal Plan/New Deal of urban, rural areas, Native American communities that lack jobs, housing, good schools, running water, indoor plumbing, and needed infrastructure,
● Universal access to safe and affordable transportation
● Eliminating all college and medical debt
● The right to organize a labor union without being fired or intimidated
● Deep and systemic criminal justice and prison reform/abolition
● Dramatic reduction of the war budget and create a culture of peace and prosperity
● Abortion rights and the right to choose/reproductive justice
● Access to free and fair elections