Lawsuit Filed Against Wake County Director of Elections for Violating theConstitutional Rights of a Wake County Voter in Retaliation for her Advocacy

September 22, 2022

Link to legal documents & exhibits: (below)

CASE #Case 5:22-cv-00277-BO-KS
Bernstein v. Gary Sims and Wake Board of Elections

2022 JULY 19 Document 01 Complaint:
2022 SEPT 20 Document 13 PI Motion FILED.pdf:
2022 SEPT 20 Document 14 Memo ISO PI Motion.pdf:

Exhibit 1_ Map Wake BOE.png:
Exhibit 2_May 14_Sign showing BOE Event.png:
Exhibit 3_front lot_Supply Pickup Site – Election Equipment Pickup – No Public:
Exhibit 4_ front lot_Brakey.JPG:
Exhibit 5_ north lot_busy.png:
Exhibit 6_north lot corner_Greer Headway Staff Entrance:
Exhibit 7_Brakey Bernstein walking_Clip 1:
Exhibit 8_Brakey Bernstein_continue walking_Clip 2
Exhibit 9_Brakey and Bernstein near gate_Clip 3:
Exhibit 10_Sims and Carter in parking lot_Clip 4:
Exhibit 11_May 14_AUDIO_PoliceTrespassDiscussion_audio:
Exhibit 12_May 14_TRANSCRIPT_Police Trespass Discussion_Transcript:
Exhibit 13_May 14_911 CALL #1_AUDIO_REDACTED:
Exhibit 14_May 14_911 CALL #1_TRANSCRIPT REDACTED:
Exhibit 15_May 14_911 CALL #2_AUDIO_REDACTED:
Exhibit 16_May 14_911 CALL #2_TRANSCRIPT REDACTED:
Exhibit 17_May 16 VIDEO#1 N Bernstein comment_removal_by Klane:
Exhibit 18_May 16 VIDEO#2 N Bernstein_po…:
Exhibit 19_MAY 16 AUDIO FULL_ N Bernstein_comments_BOE:
Exhibit 20_May 16 TRANSCRIPT N Bernstein comments Wake BO:
Exhibit 21_MAY 17 SB_submitted comment:
Exhibit 22_May 17 TRANSCRIPT N Bernstein_comments Wake BOE:
Exhibit 23_May 26 TRANSCRIPT N Bernstein comments BOE: